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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!




In topic/English we wrote a historical story and we tried to make it as realistic as we could.

We have also drawn the feudal system, the most important at the top and least important at the bottom!

We wrote and drew a non-chronological report based on the black Death or Pestilence; they were illustrated and written on to make them look amazing.

We read a text called Flagellation and recorded relevant information to make a poster all about Flagellation.

In RE we designed posters about the true meaning of Christmas and we had to include a slogan with lots of decorations.

 In art we drew knights in their full armour we had to use line, tone and shading to make it have a 3D effect.

Also in art we created illuminated letters firstly we copied a b then we used our own design and letter.


By SH and SD

Armstrong class

Peasants princes and pestilence


In English/topic we have wrote our own spells/cures for the plague (black death) we have tried to make them rhyme we would like to share some with you:


Bubble, bubble soil into trouble,

Fire burn and cauldron double.

Fillet of a venom snake,

Watch the mixture boil and bake.

Eye of frog and toe of cat,

Nail of dog and wing of bat.

Snails shell and slugs slime,

 Lions tongue and fishes’ eyes.

To work a charm of fixing trouble,

Just repeat boil and bubble.

Bubble, bubble soil into trouble.

Fire burn and cauldron double!



Double double snakes tail,

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Fillet of a hairy fenny snake

In the cauldron stir and bake

Eye of spider and toe of frog

Teeth of hen and tongue of dog

Frogs legs and blind worms sting

Rats leg and bats wing

For a charm of powerful trouble

Drink this down and have no trouble

Double double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble


We have wrote our spells on screwed up paper and have used tea bags to have an old affect.



In science, we have looked at the life cycle of a flea and rat, we have drawn, illustrated and wrote the life cycle.


Flea: baby, larva, pupa adult


Rat: baby, adult, love, cubs

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence is our new topic this half term, we are learning about the Plague and Black Death. Also how it’s caused and the process of the illness. Doctors were different in those days and didn’t have as much experience but just didn’t want to admit they didn’t know.

In Music we learnt the ukulele and how to play singing in the rain and hallelujah. Can you guess where the ukulele comes from? (Hint: it is a small island in a big country its closest ocean is the Pacific Ocean)


We have learnt Will Smith Prince of Bel Air and Living On a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

In R.E we have designed our own stained glass windows using pens and pencils to put in loads of detail


In topic we have written our own newspaper articles we would like to share one with you:


1ST men on moon!

The first men on Moon were Neil Armstrong Edwin Buzz Aldrin 6 days ago 24th July 1969 Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins landed in the Pacific ocean with a spash

from seb


In science we have been learning about forces pulling and pushing

We have designed and are going to make moonbases so astronauts can have somewhere to stay when they go to the moon

From Sophie and Seb


We have also visited Greenwich conservatory museum where we visited the planetarium.

It was a really good day.

In science we created diagrams using black card and templates. The diagrams were of the sun, moon and Earth we showed how the Earth orbits the sun, we used stars as well for decorations.

Also in science we were looking at forces.

In English we have drafted our own myths or legends based on created legends or myths about the moon.

We have also read the myth Icarus and Daedlus and sorted myths and legends to guess what they were.

From Sebastian and Sophie 5m armstrong

Our topic this half term is STARGAZERS

We have created our own planets and have wrote descriptions on them

Here is one we would like to share…


Orlantia is an inhabitable planet. It is too cold! there are volcanoes that explode cold lava. It has many moons at least 68. It takes 380 days to orbit the sun. Orlantia has rings made of ice!

The longest you could be on Orlantia is 4 hours otherwise you would freeze! This planet is the coldest planet ever. It’s very rocky and delicate so don’t be to heavy or it will collapse.

Did you know Orlantia is 2 ½ billion miles away from the sun? its very interesting. Only fun when volcanoes aren’t exploding.


In art we have painted the solar system using watercolours we have also used sugar to create different textures of the different planets.

We could choose which coloured background of our solarsytem was.

Usually blue purple or black

In English we have watched myths and legends and now we have started to write our own.

In science we have made our own line graphs ant it shows how much light and dark in 24h.

By Seb and Sophie 5M Armstrong class

During this half term, we will meet a very important figure from history who will give us a problem to solve. Online research will help us to write biographies about influential people of the period, and we’ll use source materials to create a Tudor timeline. Tudor portraits will provide us with the inspiration to create royal paintings; we’ll learn a courtly dance and compose Tudor music. Our geography skills will help us to compare maps of Tudor London to present day London and plot Anne Boleyn’s journey to her execution. Internet research will help us learn more about Henry’s life, his marriages and his break from the Roman Catholic church.

Image result for minibeasts

This half term, we’ll study a range of minibeasts and small creatures. Looking at photographs, making notes and listening carefully to expert explanations will help us to understand how minibeasts move, what they eat and where they live. Using what we’ve learned, we’ll write an interesting minibeast report. In science, we’ll learn how to categorise minibeasts and investigate different habitats. 



Superman: Escape from Krypton coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Roll up, roll up! We’re going on a day trip to a theme park! This half term, we’ll write poems to capture the excitement of riding a roller coaster and investigate the wonders of centripetal force. After carrying out fair tests to investigate the materials used to make roller coasters, we’ll create prototype rides of our own. Let’s hope we choose the right materials! In our computing work, we’ll upload photographs of rides and examine online theme park maps. Then, we’ll use advanced techniques and commands to search for information on the internet. In English, we’ll write stories, signs and emails about theme parks and investigate forces by making a ride. We’ll design a roller coaster using software such as Scratch and look at online advertising.
Image result for castles
Flee your fields, close your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded and deathly ‘Great Pestilence’ is here!  This term we are going to gallop through the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain, sword and shield at the ready.  We are going to read and write historical accounts, poems and tales, study maps and produce amazing artwork inspired by this period of history. 

Image result for space


Our topic this term is Stargazers.  We are learning about space, our solar system and the work of important scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei.

We have designed and made some fantastic Moon bases.  We had to think carefully about what people would need to be able to survive on the Moon.  Here are some photos of our bases - as you can see, we had great fun making them.