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Friday 8th January

Pupil of the Week


Armstrong Class

What a strange first week back.  But I have been so proud of all of the amazing work that you have sent in.  I can see you are becoming more independent with your learning and can see you have enjoyed this week's tasks.  Therefore, I would like to pick everyone in Armstrong Class as Pupil of the Week - you have all been so amazing I couldn't possibly pick just one.  Keep up the hard work!


Ennis-Hill Class

It been very difficult to choose one person this week, as I have been amazed by the quality of some of the work you have produced at home. Therefore, I would like to choose the whole of Ennis-Hill Class (and your adults!) this week. I have heard so many positive comments from your adults about how hard you are working and how many of you are working with enthusiasm and growing independence. I am SO proud of you! Keep up the wonderful work and thank you!

Armstrong Class, please send your completed work to Mr Edwards today.


Thank you