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Good morning everyone


Thank you very much for yesterday's work.  After today you will have a well deserved week off! Thank you once again for working so hard. Mr Martindale and I have been impressed over and over again with your positive attitude, lovely messages and kindness. Also, a massive thank you to your parents for their ongoing support and amazing effort not only  to stay in touch  but also to make sure we are OK. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.


Today your task is connected with the last three chapters of your reading book 'Raider's Peril'.

Please read the next chapters of this fantastic story and then answer some questions. There are three different options of difficultly. Please feel free to choose any sheet you are comfortable with. Remember though, it is very good to challenge ourselves;-)


Also, today, I am going to post the reading answers on our website at 11 o'clock. Please feel free to self correct yourselves. If you have any questions regarding your work please get in touch with us. Thank you for those of you who got in touch with us when you had some questions - we are here to help;-)


Good luck! Keep safe over the halt term break and we'll 'see' each other' soon.


Parents please note that I am preparing home study tasks from my own home and have limited IT facilities. Today's work is taken from a PDF file and I have prepared a Word document for the answers. Thank you for your understanding.

Please find the answers below, sorry for the small delay putting these on the system.