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Good morning, I just wanted to apologise for my lack of response to your emails. My internet decided cut out today (Tuesday). It is up and running now so I will spend the day responding to your emails. I have seen some wonderful writing and great drawings, which I can't wait to respond to and give thanks. 

Look out for your emails today. 

Stay Safe wink

Mrs Greenhead

Good morning, blush 


We hope you had a great day yesterday and you are enjoying the tasks set? 


Today, you are going to paint or draw a self-portrait. We would love to have your beautiful faces on display so ensure to you take a good look in the mirror and add all the details, even freckles. wink


We have added a PowerPoint to give you some learning tips on how to create the perfect self-portrait and a few more bits to support your learning today. 


Have fun and remember to wash your hands to help you stay safe. yes