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Wednesday 20th January

Rosen Class

Mrs Kenway is in school today and therefore unable to respond to emails. Please remember to send any emails after 3.30pm to Mrs McAllister

Daily flipchart

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ea/ in meat

Maths - Subtraction not crossing 10

Music with Mrs Leewink


Welcome back to our music lesson for this week. We are focussing more on pulse. Can any of you remember what pulse is?


I am adding the video link for you to listen to. This music teacher will tell you step by step what to do. Make sure you ask permission to use the computer and try to do this without adult support. surprise (this is about 16 min)


Please email me if you understood pulse. cheeky


You can also use a familiar Nursery rhyme and work out the pulse on your own.


Have a lovely evening.

Mrs. L



PE with Mr E

Hello Year 1. Hope you are all staying safe. Some of you have sent in your progress and I am over the moon with how you are performing each activity and the progress you are making, keep it up. 


Please see a new video below of another hockey skill for you to try. There is also a fun scavenger hunt to get your pulses racing. Make sure you get someone else to hide the objects or use the document yourself to find the objects on the document. Please get permission from your adult before you use anything from the house as a hockey stick or ball, you perform any skills inside and take things from the house for the scavenger hunt.


Good luck and have fun.


Mr E


Hockey Shooting

Use what ever you can from around the house for a hockey stick and a ball. I am using one of my golf clubs, rolled up socks and loo roll. Please get permission from your adult before you use things from around the house.