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Friday 15th January

Armstrong Class:  Please send your completed work to Mr Edwards today

Pupil of the Week

Armstrong Class - Once again, I have been so impressed with all of the hard work I have seen over the week.  I know the maths has been a bit tricky this week but you have all stuck with it and shown great perseverance - well done.  However, I need to choose just one of you as Pupil of the Week.  I would like to choose Ciaran this week as I know he has been working very hard, showing our values of Wisdom and Endurance and trying his very best at all of our online learning.  Well done Ciaran and well done Armstrong Class for all working so hard and making this decision so difficult!


Ennis-Hill Class - It has been tough to choose again this week, as you are all still producing fantastic work However, my Pupil of the Week this week is Jack for the values of Wisdom and Friendship. Jack completes all of his activities to the same high standard he produces in class and always asks how I am or how my day has been in his daily emails- thank you for checking on me, Jack!