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Good afternoon, 


I hope you're enjoying the topic so far?

Can I ask how far you have read up to in the book, 101 Dalmatians?


You have 2 tasks to complete. We will continue the lesson from last Monday. Last Monday you got to listen to the song 101 Dalmatians and work out the pitch throughout the song, and then identify the instruments used. This time you are going to watch AND listen to 3 different versions of the song, "Cruella De Vil."


from the original movie - animation version


from the real life movie, using real actors and animals 


From Pop Star Salena Comez. 


Which version did you like the most? 

How did each version make you feel?

Think about pitch, instruments, real life, animation? 


I hope you enjoy listening to each version. 


You are also welcome to start the next part of our topic - Geography. WALT place Landmarks on a map. 


Look at the maps of London, Regents Park and Primrose Hill. Can you find the places where The Dearly's live? Where Cruella de Vil lives? Where the dogs started the 'Twilight Bark'. 


Enjoy wink



Cruella De Vil - Music Video - 101 Dalmatians

I made my cruella de vil video into a music video. I picked the Selena Gomez version of the cruella de vil song. hope all of you like it! Thank You! My Links...

Dr. John ~ "Cruella De Vil" (Official Music Video)

Music video by Dr. John performing Cruella De Vil © 1996 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Selena Gomez - Cruella De Vil (Official Music Video) HD

Facebook , , El video de Selena Gomez de la edicion especial del DVD de 101 ...


WALT find landmarks on a map.