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In our Topic lesson on Friday, you will get the opportunity to make your own healthy fruity-based snack! We just wanted to make you aware of this now in case you need some time to get any particular ingredients. We have attached some recipe ideas below in case you need inspiration, but feel free to come up with your own recipes based on the fruits that you enjoy/ have in the house.


Obviously we know this is a tricky time and it can be hard if you are unable to get to the shops, so just do your best and if you need more time to complete this work, let your class teacher know.



Today we're carrying on with our work on finding percentages of amounts. Please make sure you have a go at the 'Get Ready' questions to check what you can remember from Friday. Don't be afraid to use some bar models today as they will really help you with this work. Watch the video all the way to the end before attempting the questions.


Today we are reading chapter 7 of Pig Heart Boy.