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English and Topic challenge

Good Morning Reception!!!


This week we are going to be look at the story of The Rainbow Fish.


Your topic challenge this week is to decorate the fish template. Can you make it as bright as you can using the resources you have at home.

The Rainbow Fish.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 25.01.21

Please can an adult at home read the start of each sentences. Let the child discuss what each answer could be from listening to the story. We would like the child to try and sound out and write the following answer for each sentence.


1) Fish

2) green

3) play

4) sad

5) went

6) Rainbow

7) happy


The children do not need to be able to spell the whole word by them self. Start with the initial sound and help as appropriate.

Tuesday 26.01.21

Can you describe how the Rainbow Fish looks and how he behaves in the story. 

Wednesday 27.01.21

Can you sequence the story? Write numbers underneath the images to order the story.

Thursday 28.01.21

Today please reread the story and discuss the following questions.


What colour were the Rainbow Fish's scales?

Where did Rainbow Fish live?

Why didn't the other fish want to play with Rainbow Fish?

Who did Rainbow Fish go and see for help?

What did the octopus tell Rainbow Fish to do?

Friday 29.01.21


Can you retell the story without rereading it?

Reread the story and see what you had forgotten.


Can you also complete the word search?