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Monday 22nd February

Phase 3 Phonics Flashcards

Let's start the term with a recap of the sounds taught so far!

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ou/ in pound

Phonics worksheet - only complete 1 of pages 1-3

Short stories Florence Nightingale

Spr1.7.1 - Count in 2s activity

Maths worksheet

Lunar new year

On the 12th February, it was the Lunar new year.  This is celebrated by numerous cultures and countries across the East and South East Asian diaspora.  It is very colourful and fun!  Watch the videos attached to this page from the CBeebies website, they show Abbie and her brother getting ready for the festival and allow you to see all of the lovely traditions that they have for celebrating it each year.  This year is the year of the Ox.  We have included some fun crafts for you to make below.