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1st February 2021

***Curie Class - Please remember to send your work to Mrs Ellis***

MATHS Tenths (revision)

In today's lesson you will be finding tenths, which means that all the denominators will be 10 (the bottom part of the fractions because there will be 10 pieces in the whole)! Remember, if the numerator and the denominator are the same (eg 10/10, then you will have one whole, so ten tenths are the same as one whole). Remember to answer only what you feel you can on your worksheet, after watching the video. Please only do the challenge if you feel confident enough to do so. Good luck!


Today we are going to be learning about speech in writing. This will be good revision from what you learnt in Year 3 and will build on your confidence to use speech correctly in your own writing. Watch the teaching video, the activity on the link and then complete an appropriate worksheet for your confidence and understanding, but which also gives you a little challenge too. Good luck!

Monday 1st February - Recognising Speech

F R E N C H with MRS Lee



Today we are going to do learn some French words to do with cooking.

You will be glad to hear you do not have to do any writing:) Instead focus on the sound buttons and listen to how familiar words like sugar is pronunciated. 


 For those who has permission why don't you give the recipe a go!  Put on that apron and blow us away with your pictures! 

I am in school today so I will not be able to answer your emailscrying but do send in any pictures please.



Option 1-Crêpes - KS2 French - BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize (click on this)


Option 2-Madeleines - KS2 French - BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize(click on this)