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Wednesday 3rd February

Express Yourself Activity

Dancing is a fantastic way to exercise, let off some steam, enjoy some music and express yourself! Learning a new skill is also a brilliant way to feel good about yourself and have that sense of achievement. We have a very special treat today as Mrs Cooper's amazing dancing-daughter has agreed to teach us a dance routine to Can't Stop The Feeing from Trolls! Maizie has choreographed a special routine especially for us to learn and enjoy. So, after getting permission from your adult to participate, make sure you have enough space around you to join in. Have fun and 'Thank you Maizie!' 


Then, why don't you put some music on this afternoon and have a kitchen disco or play musical statues with your siblings? You may even want to think up your own routine to a favourite song and create your own dance video like MaizieDon't forget to look back at Monday's page to see if there are any other activities you would like to try today.

Maizie dance tutorial