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Monday 18th January

Good morning Year 4! We hope that you had a lovely weekend and you are well-rested, ready for another week of home learning. 


***Curie Class - Please remember to send your work today to Mrs Ellis to review***

Divide 2-digits by 1-digit with remainders (revision)

Today we are going to continue to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number but the quotient will not always be exact so there will be remainders. Watch and pause the video as many times as you need to and we feel confident that you will be able to answer most, if not all of the questions on the worksheet. YOU ARE DOING SO WELL SO FAR! GOOD LUCK!


Today we are continuing to learn about apostrophes, focusing this week on using apostrophes for plural possession. Please spend some time watching the teaching video, pausing it where needed to answer the questions. Then look at the activity for practice, before choosing an appropriate worksheet for your learning today. If you could write out the answers in full sentences on paper then it will be a fantastic opportunity to practice your beautiful handwriting. 

Monday 18th January Apostrophes for Plural Possession

French with Mrs. Lee

Thank you for all the lovely emails telling me how you enjoyed the French learning video from last week. Most of you got a really good score on the quiz at the end. surprise


This week we are continuing with the same clips. This time we are using previous French knowledge learned in school (colours for example) adding adjectives. This should be an activity that you can do on your own at your own pace.



Please email me your score at the end of the lesson.laugh Good luck and enjoy it!yes


Royal Institution Christmas Lectures: Earth - a user's guide (to raise awareness of the climate change happening to our home, planet Earth, and how we can look after it better)! You might need to ask your adult to enter their TV Licence details if you are accessing the BBC iplayer video for the first time on the device you are using! Enjoy! heart