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Bishop Ridley School Staff


Teaching Staff                          




Mr S Keep Head Teacher; Designated Teacher for Child Protection & Safeguarding; SLT
Mr A Nicholls Acting Deputy Head Teacher; Curriculum Lead; SLT
Mrs N Scotter Nursery
Mr A Nicholls Year R
Mrs M Kenway

Year R: Science

Mr A Murphy          Year 1:  
Miss M Carr Year 1: History
Mrs K Horlock Year 2: Music
Mrs C Coles Year 2; Phase Leader for KS1 and SLT; PSHE and SMSC (including Wellbeing; Mental Health First Aider)
Mrs C Greenhead Year 3: Computing
Miss B Smalley Year 3; Geography
Miss D Sears Year 4: PE, Sports Premium
Mrs M Torrance Year 4; Phase Leader for Lower KS2 and SLT, RE; Collective Worship, School visits, Medical Needs 
Mr S Martindale Year 5: Phase Leader for Upper KS2 and SLT; Maths & Pupil Premium
Mrs A Gorin  Year 5: Citizenship (including the School Council); 
Miss C Facey Year 6: English
Mr P Catchpole Year 6; Maths
Mrs T Mason  
Teacher (0.6)
Mrs K Davies Inclusion Co-ordinator (SEND, EAL & LAC) (0.6)
Mrs S Charity
PPA; SLT release; Interventions (0.4)
Mrs K Gill

Specialist Teacher SEN Support (0.1)

Mrs K Ellis Teacher
Teaching Support Staff          
Mrs J Hale
Nursery Nurse (0.6); Play Therapist
Mrs R Mason-Rogers                         Nursery Nurse (0.4)      
Miss J Cooper Teaching Assistant - Year 2 (0.5)
Miss E Clasby Teaching Assistant - Year 1 (0.6)
Mrs C Lee Pupil Premium 
Mrs D Plows Teaching Assistant - Reception 
Mrs L Butler Teaching Assistant - Reception
Mrs J Shuttleworth Teaching Assistant - Year 1 (0.6)
Miss S Petty Teaching Assistant - Year 4 (0.8) MDS
Mrs C Joy Teaching Assistant - Year 3 (0.8)
Mrs J Farrelly Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6 (0.9)
Mrs A Gooden Teaching Assistant - Year 6
Mrs S Hawkins-Brown Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs C Donegan Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6
Mrs J Wade Teaching Assistant - Year 5 (0.8); Play Therapist
Mr D Edwards Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss L Young Teaching Assistant Apprentice - Reception


Office Staff              

Ms C Davies School Business Manager, SLT
Mrs T Allsopp Finance Assistant
Mrs J Fleming Attendance Officer & Admin Assistant
Mrs W Pugh Admissions and Admin Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors               
Mrs L Whelan  Senior Midday Supervisor                   
Mrs S Purcell MDS
Mrs J Batchelor MDS
Miss C Farrelly MDS Nursery
Ms E Scales MDS
Mrs H McKenzie MDS Nursery
Mrs M Wright


Miss S Petty MDS
Miss C May MDS
Miss L Hodder MDS
Miss Z Cook MDS
Mrs J Slattery

MDS Nursery

Miss C Lewis


Mrs M Weerasinghe MDS


Premises Staff                 
Mr R Smith Site Manager                       
Mrs J Harvey Cleaner
Miss C May Cleaner
Mrs W Rivers Cleaner
Mrs K Newvell Cleaner
Breakfast Club  
Mrs D Plows Leader
Mrs J Wade Assistant
Mrs M Wright Assistant
After School Club  
Mrs S Kensington Leader
Miss L Hodder Assistant





Updated 19 June 2020