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Come and meet the staff at our school!


(Schools are required to declare any staff who earn a gross salary in excess of £100,000. At Bishop Ridley, no members of staff earn a salary of this value. Please click here to view our school's financial data.)

Bishop Ridley School Staff


Teaching Staff                            




Mr S KeepHead Teacher; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead;  Collective Worship; SLT
Mr P CatchpoleDeputy Head Teacher; Designated Safeguarding Lead; Phase Leader for EYFS; Curriculum Leader; SLT
Mrs N ScotterNursery
Miss L Noble      Year R; Attenborough
Mrs R PathakYear R; Thunberg
Miss D SearsYear 1; Johnson (PE, Sports Premium)
Miss M CarrYear 1; Nightingale
Mrs C ColesYear 2; Anning (0.6); Lead Mentor Teacher Training and Development; PSHE and SMSC (including Wellbeing; Mental Health First Aider); SLT
Mrs H McAllisterYear 2; Anning (0.4)
Mrs M TorranceYear 2; Keller Phase Leader for KS1; SLT; RE; Safeguarding Team
Miss J TaylorYear 3; Armstrong
Mrs A Gorin Year 3; Copernicus (0.9)
Miss B SmalleyYear 4; Hudgell
Mrs C Facey-LewisYear 4: Edison Phase Leader for Lower KS2; SLT
Mr I HoutenYear 4; Edison
Miss R CookYear 5; Moore
Mrs K EllisYear 5; Malala
Mr S MartindaleYear 6; Darwin Phase Leader for Upper KS2; Medical Needs; SLT
Miss S DaveyYear 6; Rashford
Mrs K DaviesInclusion Co-ordinator (SENDCo, EAL & LAC), Safeguarding Team (0.6);
Teaching Support Staff         
Mrs R Mason-Rogers                        Nursery Nurse (0.4)      
Miss M DellTeaching Assistant - Nursery (0.5)
Mrs D PlowsTeaching Assistant - Year 3
Mrs L ButlerTeaching Assistant - Year 2 (0.8)
Miss E ClasbyTeaching Assistant - Year 1 (0.6)
Mrs M WeerasingheTeaching Assistant - Year 2/3
Mrs S Hawkins-BrownTeaching Assistant - Year 5 (0.8)
Mrs J FarrellyTeaching Assistant - Year 2 (0.9)
Miss J CooperTeaching Assistant - Reception (0.8)
Miss S PettyTeaching Assistant - Year 2/3 (0.8); MDS
Mrs J WadeTeaching Assistant - Year 4 (0.8); Play Therapist
Mrs A GoodenTeaching Assistant - Year 6
Mrs C DoneganTeaching Assistant - Year 4 (0.8)
Mrs C LeeHigher Level Teaching Assistant 
Mr D EdwardsHigher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs H HalseyHigher Level Teaching Assistant


Office Staff              

Ms C DaviesSchool Business Manager, SLT
Mrs T AllsoppFinance Assistant
Miss E OakinsAdmissions and Admin Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors              
Mrs L Whelan Senior Midday Supervisor                   
Mrs S PurcellMDS
Mrs J BatchelorMDS
Miss C FarrellyMDS
Miss E ScalesMDS
Mrs H McKenzieMDS Nursery
Mrs M Wright


Miss S PettyMDS
Miss C MayMDS
Miss L HodderMDS
Miss Z CookMDS

Miss C Lewis


Miss R Saeednia

MDS Nursery

Miss K Neville


Mrs V BilkeMDS
Miss C FryersMDS


Premises Staff                
Mr R SmithSite Manager                       
Mr M BednarzLettings Caretaker (St Francis Polish School)
Mrs J HarveyCleaner
Miss C MayCleaner
Mrs W RiversCleaner
Mrs K NewvellCleaner
Miss L HodderCleaner
Breakfast Club 
Mrs D PlowsLeader
Mrs J WadeAssistant
Mrs M WrightAssistant
After School Club 
Miss L HodderLeader





Updated 26 July 2022