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Thursday 11th June

Good morning children,


How are you today? It's Mrs Lee again. 


What have you been up to? Doing your school work diligently and helping out your adults? Remember our Values as you go through this day.


Today I thought to add another min to win it game as it's just so much fun and joy!!


Today we have got marshmallow races. You don't have to use tiny marshmallows. You can ask your adult for something more or less that size, eg cereal hoop, or coco pops.laugh


You will need:cheeky

Small items that will be easy to blow


Tape on a table

1 min timer


Each person get's one cereal piece in front of them.

Hold your straw in front of your mouth.


READY STEADY GO!!!Let's see who can reach the line first! The winners reward is to skip dishwashing duty or making their bed or a chore they do not like:)


Let me know how it went.


Remember to wash your hands friends because we care about you all.




Mrs. Leeheart