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Happy Friday year 3!  Well done for making it through your first week back!  Today in Maths, we will be finding tenths of different number values.  As you have discovered this week, tenths divide equally into 10.  This means that you will be dividing numbers by 10 today. 


I have included a couple of videos to help you.  One focuses on dividing 2 digit numbers by 10 and the other is dividing single digits by 10.  This is where it gets tricky, as the answers become decimals (tenths) and you need to put a ‘0’ before the decimal point.  Remember that when you divide by 10, your number moves one place value to the right.  I have also included a place value grid to help you if you need it and a fun tenths game too.


Diana class remember to email Mrs Mason today.


Divide two-digit numbers by 10

Divide units by 10