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** On Friday, we will be making a sculpture of the heart using salt dough. For this, you will need plain flour and table salt. You may also want to use red and blue food colouring but these are both optional. If you have access to plasticine, Play-Doh or clay at home, you are welcome to use these instead. **



Reading - Chapters 23 and 24



Mrs Donegan's Group- Please watch the video from the beginning and stop once you have marked your spellings.

Group 1- Please skip through to  2 minutes and 42 seconds and watch from there until you have marked your spellings.

Group 2 - Please skip through to  5 minutes and 14 seconds and watch from there until you have marked your spellings.

Group 3 - Please skip through to 8 minutes and 20 seconds and watch to the end.


Storytelling Tasks


This afternoon, please spend some time listening to some of the stories that your teachers have recorded here. There are lots to choose from so it would be lovely if you listened to a different chapter or story every day for the rest of the week. Please let us know what you think!


We would also like you to have a go at creating a new book cover for a story that you love. This could be a new cover for Pig Heart Boy or a book that you have enjoyed reading independently.


Remember to include important information such as:

* title of the book

* author

* illustrator

* blurb

* reviews from people who have read the book

* relevant pictures that relate to the story


We are really looking forward to seeing your designs!