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Friday 1st May - Maths


Happy Friday everyone!!  Well done to all of you for your excellent work in Maths this week.  We have been really impressed with your work on mass and your brilliant start on length.  We will be carrying on with length next week looking at mm, cm, m and km.


We thought it would be fun today to combine all of the amazing work you have been doing on mass and length and set you a challenge.  So today for Maths we have the....


Kitchen challenge!!


Your mission should you choose to accept it is to use your maths skills to help create something in the kitchen.  This could be...

  • Baking a cake
  • Making cookies
  • Making cupcakes
  • Helping make breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Make a special snack
  • Make a fruit salad


Whatever you fancy doing is fine - be as creative as you like!


Here's where the Maths comes in...

  • Make sure you weigh/measure ingredients carefully
  • If you don't need to weigh ingredients, you could have a look at the packets to see what weights they are
  • See if you can estimate the weights/lengths of different items in the kitchen eg. carrots, toast, tub of butter etc.  Then check to see how close you were.
  • When you have made your masterpiece, see if you can measure different parts of it using a ruler/tape measure


Make sure you get permission from your adult and get an adult to help you when using the oven and sharp knives etc.


We would love to see photos of what you make and see/hear how you get on!  Good luck and have fun!


Diana class - remember to email Mrs Mason today.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!