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Recovery Curriculum & COVID Remote Learning


For information on our recovery curriculum and remote learning provision during the COVID pandemic, please visit our COVID pages linked below:

Curriculum Intent

At Bishop Ridley, our Curriculum aims to achieve four main intentions. We strive to support each member of our community to:

  • Understand personal development

  • Realise academic potential

  • Become a responsible citizen

  • Build a successful future


As ‘One Community, Learning and Growing Together, Sharing the Love of God’, we understand that our curriculum intentions do not work as separate entities: they are the collective drive behind everything we do. Extensive consultation with all stakeholders helped to shape our Intent and we are proud to have created a curriculum that serves the needs of our community.

Curriculum Implementation

Our Curriculum is both subject-focused, knowledge-rich and child-centred, with our Intent at the heart. In order to achieve it, our provision is based around the National Curriculum; subjects are taught through themes that encourage children to make links between the different disciplines, while also strengthening their skills, in challenging contexts, to ensure progression. Our curriculum supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children and is underpinned by our school vision and values.


Knowledge Organisers provide a high expectation for the learning acquired, while teachers are encouraged to supplement this with additional material that capitalises on the children’s interests. Furthermore, learning is extended through trips and visitors, themed days and extra-curricular activities.


Progression is secured through our Curriculum Maps that teachers use to support the planning of lessons. Through a robust assessment system, teachers package up learning that caters to the needs of their cohort, with the Intent as our ‘Why this, why now?’. We understand that children learn in different ways and staff are encouraged to adapt lessons to enable all children to access the curriculum. Formative assessment is carried out to promote knowledge retention and school events take place to celebrate the new skills that have been learnt.


We understand that our curriculum is the vehicle through which the children learn not just academic skills, but also interpersonal skills that equip them further for modern life. As a result, the impact of our curriculum can be seen through:

  • Statutory Assessment Outcomes
  • In-School Tracking
  • Attendance Data, Behaviour and Attitude Records
  • Pupils’ conduct in lessons and around school
  • Participation through events such as Class Assemblies, Sports Competitions and Performing Arts opportunities
  • Engagement in Enrichment
  • Monitoring from Staff and Governors
  • Community Voice


…and most importantly, through the pupils themselves as they conduct their daily lives with the understanding that we are, “One Community, Learning and Growing Together, Sharing the Love of God.”