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Today, we are going to continue to recognise 2D shapes, along with the description of each shape. I would like you to take another look at the Guided Learning powerpoint from yesterday (I have uploaded it again below) and make yourself familiar with the shapes you have been learning about. I'd then like you to look at the second Guided Learning powerpoint before attempting to complete the work. 


The tasks are becoming alot more challenging within the maths curriculum now you are moving up into Year 4 and it's important that you try to learn the properties of all 2D shapes. However, you will continue to learn more in depth about the properties of 2D shapes throughout your time in school so don't worry too much if you are struggling to understand it at the moment. I suggest playing lots of online maths games to help memorise the terminology of the shape. and ICT games are great ways to start online learning. 


I hope you enjoys today's learning. Please do not hesitate to contacts us if you find the work too challenging or you are having trouble understanding some of the task. 

Good Luck