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Hello everyone!


Today's English video is quite long (sorry!) but this is because it covers today and tomorrow's work. 


Please watch up to 18 minutes 35 seconds today and complete the first half of your newspaper report. You can then use tomorrow's English lesson to watch the rest of the video and finish off your newspaper report.


Remember to use the example texts below to help you.


Happy writing! :D


Hi everyone! Today we're carrying on with our work on finding values to satisfy equations. Before you start today's work, I just wanted to give you some feedback from yesterday: if you have circle + square = 6, circle and square cannot both equal 3. In algebra, different letters/shapes are ALWAYS worth different amounts. I know the vast majority of you understood that yesterday but I just wanted to make it clear to everyone before today's lesson. :-)
Looking forward to seeing your work later on!
Mr Catchpole

Reading - Chapters 18 and 19



Hello Year 6, happy Thursday.


I hope everyone is keeping active whilst working hard. Please could you play the basketball games again from this term (maybe make up some of your own games like  some of you have already have) to really master your basketball shooting skills. If you have a bouncy ball then you could try dribbling before you shoot but remember to get permission from your adult before you play inside.


Have fun.


Mr E

How to Shoot a Basketball

Around the World

Try shooting rolled up socks into a basket from different points of the home. If you miss a shot then you will need to start from the beginning again.

Basketball Golf

Try this fun activity that is a mixture of basketball and golf.

Around the World Circuit

Try this fun basketball game with a twist. Add some sprints or any other form of fitness exercise to keep you fit and healthy whilst trying to improve your b...

Computing- Miss Constant


Good afternoon, Year 6! I hope you are all having a great week so far :)

This week we are going to be continuing to work on our power points, completing another 3/4 slides. After today's lesson, you should have 9/12 completed slides towards your final power point.

Last week most of you sent me over your slides (which were great!) Thank you year 6! :) I know I haven't been able to reply the past couple of weeks as I have been in school but I have seen them all and think they are all brilliant! Really well done! After todays lesson I would like you to have almost completed your power point as next week I would like to use the lesson time for editing it and making it perfect :) Don't worry if you haven't yet finished the story, I know some of you are at different stages which is absolutely fine so just please go as far as you are up to :)

I will also post a link underneath the lessons recap for some free online games. If you scroll down once on the page there are some free games you can access without signing up- Have a go if you would like to :)



I will repost last weeks lesson underneath for you to recap if necessary.  



This term in your Cornerstones topic you have been working on  Blood Heart and have begun reading 'Pig Heart Boy', so for the next few weeks we are going to centre our computing lessons around this. Over the next few weeks I would like you to incorporate all of what we have learnt in our computing lessons last term into making a Power Point centred around the book 'Pig Heart Boy'.

Last term we worked on facts based around the Frozen Kingdom, however today and for our up and coming computing lessons I would like you to have a go at making a Power Point based on the fiction you have read so far. The aim over the next few weeks is to bring the book to life through animated pictures, speech bubbles, effects, fonts and colours :) Please be sure to include pictures - animations rather than photos which you may wish to source online using your web searching skills, making sure they link in with the story :) You all did so well at this last term so I am sure you will all rise to the challenge and they will be fantastic!


I would suggest 12 slides to begin with, making sure to include a cover page and a reference page as we did last term, leaving a remaining 10 slides for your story. I know 10 slides doesn't sound like lots for a story but you are grouping/ summarising the key parts of each chapter (such as 1-2 chapters per slide as remember you can always split 1 slide into 2 if you wish.) PLUS we can always add in some additional slides as time goes on if we need to. If we could all work on 3-4 slides per week that would be great Year 6 :) Please take your time with this as we will be spending a few weeks working on this- don't rush! I am also aware you are still reading the story and that this is an ongoing task so I don't expect it to be finished by the end of the day!


Please could you email me with your completed slides for today so that I can check them. I am in school this week so will be unable to reply. However, if there is anything I really need to speak to you about regarding your slides I will email you. If you don't hear from me then just know they are great and I have seen them! :) Please also email me if you have any questions regarding our new task.

I can't wait to see all of your lovely Power Points!

Have a great Thursday everybody,

Miss Constant x‚Äč