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Since returning to Home School, after the Easter break, you have been learning some new grammar skills.  This week, we would like you to show us how much you have learnt by writing some sentences using these new skills.


We would like you to think about your experiences during lock down and write sentences about it.  Each sentence will allow you to apply your new grammar skills:


  • a sentence that ends with a question mark;
  • a sentence that ends with an exclamation mark;
  • two sentences that contain commas to separate a sentence list;
  • two sentences that contain commas that separate an embedded clause ( also known as adding extra information);
  • two sentences that have a main clause and a sub clause (remember to include a subordinate conjunction); and
  • two sentences that each include a word from your spellings this week that you don't usually use in your writing.


All the sentences should relate to your lock down experiences and we look forward to reading about what you have been up to!   We also hope that you will continue to use these skills as we move into our new Topic: Gods and Mortals from tomorrow.