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Morning guys!  Yay, you made it to Friday!  Well done for surviving your first week back.  We are so impressed at all of your hard work and effort.  Today we are going to carry on looking at the present perfect tense to make sure you all have solid understanding.  We have added a YouTube video and a couple of PowerPoints (one similar to yesterday but slightly different and the second one to lead into the activities).  If you think the children will find two PowerPoints too much, just look at the video and the 2nd PowerPoint!  Then have a look at one of the activities.  We have tried to make it lighter and set less today so the children can focus on finishing their Science or spellings if they need to. 


For those of you still looking at the Speed Spell - in class the children have the word read to them twice and then 6 seconds to write their spelling.  Don't worry about this too much and put too much pressure on yourself or the children.  We don't want it to be stressful for anyone.  The timing or set up is not that important, just that they have the practice.


Enjoy and hope you have a lovely weekend!


Diana class - remember to email Mrs Mason today!


Present Perfect | Fun English Grammar Lessons

Learn all about the Present Perfect Tense. Great examples put into context.