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Hello Year 3.


I hope you are all staying safe and are enjoying the physical activities I am uploading or doing your own. For the last week of term (next week) I am uploading a competition for the whole school so for this week could you try each football game/activity again to master your football skills. 


Thank you and have fun





Try this fun activity to improve your football striking skill. The document below shows children using a racket to hit balls into a target. Please could you use your feet to hit a ball, rolled up socks, rolled up paper or loo roll into a target (as shown on the document). This game can really help with your hand eye co-ordination as well as the techniques used to strike a ball. Use either the side of your foot or the front of your foot (your laces) to strike your "ball".


Please ask permission from your adult if you play this game indoors and if you need to used anything other than a ball.

Pirate Ship game

Try this fun activity to improve your football skills. A great game to play outside but if you play indoors then please get permission from your adult first. If you do not have a ball then try using something in its place like a rolled up sock, rolled up paper or loo roll (again please get permission if you use something from around the house).


Try and get the ball/rolled up sock into the hole (in this video it’s a box) in the least amount of shots. If you play it inside please get permission from your adult before you play. You can make it as easy or as hard as you like.