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Tue 23 Feb

MATHS: Add 2 or more fractions

Who found yesterday's work easy? 😜 Today, it gets a little more challenging but we know you can do this! Please watch both videos before completing today's worksheet. Remember an improper fraction simply means that the numerator is greater than the denominator and the fraction can therefore be converted into a mixed number (a whole number and proper fraction). For example 1/4 + 2/4 + 3/4 = 6/4 which is the same as 1 whole and 2/4 (because 4/4 have the same numerator and denominator so it is the same as one whole and there are 2/4 left)! Watch the White Rose video carefully because you might find using bar models helpful when adding more than two fractions together. REMEMBER, the challenge question is only for those of you that feel super confident and if you are struggling to work independently, then please let your teacher know so that we can help you. Good luck. 😉

Adding Improper Fractions

You can add improper fractions the same way that you would add proper fractions. Remember that if the sum has a numerator that is greater than the denominator it will contain a whole number, so you can write your answer as either an improper fraction or a mixed number.😊

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