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Hey Reception!  We made it to the last week of the Half Term!!!  Yay!  You have all been amazing and worked so incredibly hard!  We are so proud of you and have been so impressed with your phonics home learning!  Well done to you all! 


This week will be slightly different.  We will continue with our Phonics blending and reading tasks as we have been doing.  The main difference this week is that we are introducing 'nonsense' words!  These are words that do not make sense.  Is important that the children are starting to learn the difference between words that are real words and those that are not - 'nonsense' words.  This is the first time they have been introduced to this so no pressure, we just want them to start getting used to the idea!


Each day will have a short video, a link to a fun online game for them to play sorting real and 'nonsense' words and then a task for them to complete.  Good luck and have fun laugh