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Today we are going to try something a little different.  After the success of our Battle of the Bands on TTRS before half term, there will be another battle running today, with details below.


From now on, on a Friday we will also be completing a short arithmetic paper.  As the document is a PDF I am unable to convert it, so it would be best to be completed by either writing your answers to each question on paper and uploading them as a photo in your daily email, or by creating a Word document to write your answers and then attach that to your email instead (you do not need to send back the PDF attachment.) Or, as it's Friday, just let your teacher know your score out of 12-we trust that you will tell us the truth!

There are 12 questions on today's paper.  Although we may not have gone through some of the areas yet or it has been a while since we did them, have a go at answering all the questions.  The answers are on the final page of the document, so make sure you don't scroll down too far!

TTRS Battle of the Bands: Moore v Sheldrick

Congratulations to Sheldrick Class on their comprehensive victory in the first TTRS Battle of the Bands.  Today's battle will commence at 9am and will finish at 4pm.  During those hours you can play as many games as you like to earn points for your class. I am in school again today, but I will be keeping an eye on things and declare the winner after 4pm.  Good luck!


P.S. Mr Martindale and Mrs Gorin have challenged us to take on Year 5 next Friday! Use this week's battle as practice so that we put in a good performance next week :) don't forget to set aside some time each day or every other day to practice too.