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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What work will be set for the children while they are off?


The Year 6 class page will be split up into three sections:


1. Daily Tasks

This section will encompass daily maths and English activities.


For maths, pupils should spend some time reading the Guided Learning as this will give them information about the task and how to complete it. Once they are more confident, they should attempt the fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions. There will be two sheets created for each ‘lesson’.


Sheet 1 is aimed at those children who lack confidence following the Guided Learning.

Sheet 2 is designed to be slightly more challenging.

Please be aware that for some activities, there may be an extra challenge task, designed to extend some of the more-able mathematicians.


For English, pupils will be given a range of reading, writing and grammar tasks to complete each day. Where possible, modelled examples will be given to show the children what is expected of them.


2. Topic Tasks

Alongside the daily tasks, we will also set a task related to our topic. This will cover many areas of the curriculum and the pupils will have longer to complete this project. Any work completed should be e-mailed (either via word document, PowerPoint or photographs) to your child’s class teacher by the allotted date.


3. Resources

Here we will provide advice for parents who are home-schooling, as well as any useful website links and school resources that we think will benefit the children.



How long will this work take?

We anticipate that maths and English work should take the children about 30 minutes each per day (1 hour altogether). Topic work can be completed at the child's own pace and they may choose to do one aspect each day or have a 'Topic day'.


How should my child complete this work?

For pupils who have access to Microsoft Word (or similar), pupils may be able to edit the sheets and write their answers underneath the questions. However, for some tasks, pupils will need to write in pen or pencil and, in these cases, we would like them to complete their work in their homework books, which were handed back to the children on the 19th March. If your child does not have their homework book with them, they can complete the work on paper.


How will we return the work?

If your child has completed the work electronically, this can simply be saved on your own computer/ laptop and e-mailed back to us at the addresses below. If your child has completed their work by hand in their homework book or on paper, please take a photograph of it. This can also be e-mailed to us. We will endeavour to look through all pieces of work sent to us and will reply with a comment where appropriate.


When should we e-mail?

We aim to be available between 8:30am and 1:00pm every day, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Work can be sent to the following addresses:


Hawking Class -


Pankhurst Class -


Please send your child’s work to his/her class teacher with their name and date as the subject of the e-mail.


What if my child becomes unwell?

Please be advised that if your child is unwell, they do not need to complete the work, though we would be grateful if you could make us aware if this is the case.