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Good morning and Happy Monday! laugh


Well today's maths lesson is going to be split over two days. You will be learning about Fractions on a Number Line. 


This is the last week we will be concentrating on Fractions. Over the week we will be exploring what we have learned so far and ensuring we consolidate that learning. 


I have uploaded 3 videos that has online teaching, pause and answer questions. You are welcome to watch all 3 today or watch the 2 uploaded on here today and wait until tomorrow for the next. Your work sheets are slightly different too. Although they are still mixed, it favours from D and E today, and then tomorrow you will work on more challenging questions, E and GD. 


I have also uploaded a link on tomorrow's page for Top Marks Online Education Games. It has lots of Fraction games on there that should also help improve your knowledge. Take a look!


Enjoy wink

Position fractions on a numberline 1

Position fractions on a number line 2

Power Maths Year 3 Unit 9 (Fractions 1) Lesson 6