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Monday 29th June

Greetings young ones  laugh


I hope your day is filled with laughter and joy and lots of colouring, hehehe.  Now today you have a choice. I want you to to take a look at the story map below, do you remember what's happened in the story so far? In the chapter that starts with Lila entering the jungle? Put yourself in her shoes. What is it like in the jungle? What does it smell like? What are your senses telling you? If you close your eyes, what can you hear, smell and feel around you? 


Your choices:

1) Follow the instructions written on the story map 

2) Write YOUR OWN short chapter for the story. How can your chapter blend with the story chapter? How would your chapter look if you were the author? Use the story map to write the chapter leading up to the volcano. You can use your imagination to add anything to the story - no limits. I want to see how your wonderful writing skills have developed recently. 


Remember the Glossary from Wednesday? You might want to use some of those new words in your chapter. 


I have also added the Year 3 success criteria in case you wish to check your work against it before sending it back to me.