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Wednesday 29th April

Hey hey it's Wednesday!! 

Good morning Bishop Ridley friends

How are you doing today? Mr Sun is back so that is making my heart happy!laugh


I realised all of us will be running out of resources so I will add some paper and bread boredom busters today. Hopefully you have paper:) and bread to keep you busy. Remember to ask permission from your adults!

This graph you can draw with a ruler and a pen or pencil and VOILA!

Dots and boxes


This game is so much fun. You can add different types of headings at the top and take this in the garden on your balcony on your bed or anywhere. If you would like to why don't you race with a sibling:) or Adult. wink Have fun!!!

Paper games

FUNNY FACES on sandwiches

Feel free to send me anything you made to:


Have a super day and remember to pray!


Bishop Ridley Cares about youheart