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24th April 2020 - Celebration Worship

It's Mr Keep here. Welcome to our Celebration Worship. It's Friday, 24th April 2020.


Good morning, everyone. May the Lord be with you.


Our song for today

Is Be Bold Be Strong (


Our Bible passage is the parable we looked at yesterday:

The Parable of the mustard seed (Mark 4: 30–32)

Again he said, “What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.”


A short reflection: What have you done this week which has shared love and kindness with others?


Celebration Worship

Today we will celebrate our pupils of the week. Have a think about which or our Christian Values they have shown.



  • Mrs Scotter's pupil of the week is Evie M. She always has a smile for everyone and always works hard. 
    She has been making excellent progress with her sounds and has begun to read simple words.


  • Mrs Kenway has selected Ruby H for her consistent hard work.
  • Mr Nicholls says, “Like all of Parks Class, Olivia has been working exceptionally hard on her home learning. She is becoming more independent and is choosing to challenge herself more!”

Year 1

  • Miss Carr has selected Zach for Pupil of the Week for making a beautiful picture for Captain Tom Moore’s birthday and including a range of our school’s Christian values.

Year 2

  • Mrs Horlock has chosen Stefan for always doing his tasks to a great standard, doing a wide range of additional, independent work and all with a smile on his face.
  • Mrs Coles has nominated two children - Ella and Alice for their amazing Thankfulness song written in RE this week. She commented that it brought a tear to her eye!

Year 3

  • Miss Smalley found it hard to select just one person with week. She commented that it has been so hard to choose individual children because they have all worked so diligently and have impressed her with their returned work during the lock down. Her pupils of the week are Finley B and Bow.  Finley has been working very hard and his Easter garden was beautiful. Bow was chosen for her confidence and the zest that she has put into her persuasive leaflet.
  • Mrs Greenhead says, “I have chosen Callum M for the value of Love, Fellowship and Compassion. Callum has been preforming very well; achieving good results from his work. Not only has he been completing the work asked of him, he is also been working alongside his younger brother to support his learning. Callum has made various games to keep motivated at home, as well as skilfully building a beautiful rainbow garden that he placed in front of his window to show his love and support to his friends and family throughout these uncertain times.”

Year 4

  • Miss Sears selected Megan as her pupil of the week.  She said, “Megan completes all activities at home well, takes on board the feedback I give her each day (answering extra questions I ask) and I've seen a great improvement in her handwriting. Keep it up!”


Year 5

  • Mrs Gorin has chosen both Stanley F and Jack for excellent effort, hard work, dedication and working to the best of their abilities.
  • Mr Martindale selected Noah this week for his excellent letter to Captain Tom Moore.

Year 6

  • Mr Catchpole has chosen Beatrice for her amazing stop-frame animation which can be seen
  • Miss Facey nominated Alex for demonstrating our Christian values of endurance and wisdom. Miss Facey said, “She always completes all of the work that we set to the highest possible standard, going above and beyond. She challenges herself to use ambitious topic-related vocabulary and her work is always beautifully presented. Keep it up, Alex!”


Sports and PE

  • Mr Edwards would like to choose Luella Beale for her excellent goalkeeping training she has been doing during isolation. Luella has come up with some great goalkeeping exercises, some of which he will use for his team’s own goalkeeper when we return to football.


A prayer for today

This is a chance to reflect on God's creation and the wonder of spring time. If you have a couple of moments, why not look at this famous picture by Van Gogh while you think about  - click here to see Van Gogh's painting "Wheatfield with Cypresses"


Dear God,


We thank you for your creation and the new life we see at spring time.


We ask for your help to show kindness and love to those around us.


We pray that you will guide our country’s leaders to make the right choices at this difficult time.


In Jesus’ name