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Please get yourself organised for the final spelling test of the term. Good luck!

Spellings 12 2 21


Yes! It's 'Show-Off Friday'! Today is our last day working on adventure stories and the chance to really show us all of the skills that you have learnt during this term. So, we'd like you to watch the teaching video to be really clear about what we are expecting from your writing today. Remind yourself of all of the things you have learnt, grab everything that you will need and get into a comfortable place for writing. For information, at school you would normally have 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted writing time, including checking and editing your work, so try to have the same at home if you can. You can always add a border or picture after you have finished. I've added lined paper below if you need it. We cannot wait to read your adventure stories and see how much showing-off you can do. Don't forget beautiful handwriting! 

Friday 12th February - Big Write Adventure Story