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Week beginning 21st June

Term 5

This term our topic is Urban Pioneers - Banksy.

Week beginning Monday 26th April

Week Beginning Monday 19th April 

Term 4


Gods and Mortals

This term we will be looking at Myths and Legends about Ancient Greece.



Take a look at our wonderful Ancient Greek Display Boards!

Good morning and welcome to National Storytelling Week! Please spend some time this week looking at all of the fantastic resources on the National Storytelling Week subpage of the main Class Pages page (link below). Some of the teachers have recorded themselves reading some of their favourite stories for you, there are celebrity storytellers and many other activities to try, including details of a competition. Have fun!

We hope you had a lovely and wonderful Christmas; here's to an amazing new year! 


This term is going to be exciting! 

Have you ever wondered what prehistoric Britain looked like? From the early hunter gatherers who lived nine hundred thousand years ago, through the Ages – Ice, Stone, Bronze and Iron to the fearsome Celtic warriors and ending in the Roman invasion.

We will be reading two stories throughout this Topic - Tribal Tales. They will help support our learning in Literacy while writing stories, and distinguishing between fact and fiction to make sure we learn the truth about pre-historic Britain. 

We will create a timeline of the ages of prehistory, hopefully in the school! We will also research and compare tools and weapons from these ages. We'll even get a chance to make one! Dioramas could be made for settlements or dwellings for each age, which will support our learning in how to make a prehistoric weapon (using sticks and clay) because a lot of research is gathered from paintings drawn in cave - known as, Cave paintings, as well as artifacts discovered.