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Wednesday 24th February


In today's video - the teacher tells you that 'oul' is a trigraph.  This is incorrect.  We want to show you how 'ou' can also make the sound within the words on the video and therefore have chosen it to demonstrate this to you.  Please ignore the man when he says that 'oul' is a trigraph!!!  

Phonics Short o /ou/ in would should and could

Phonics worksheet


Maths - Count in 5s activity

PE with Mr E


Hello Year 1 I hope you had a good half term.


This term we will be focusing on the sport netball. Please find a video below to help improve your netball shooting skills. Please send your child's work to


Have fun and good luck


Mr E

Around the World

Try shooting rolled up socks into a basket from different points of the home. If you miss a shot then you will need to start from the beginning again. Please get permission from your adult before you throw things inside.

MUSIC with Mrs. Lee

Hi kids


It is great to be back in music ''class'' with you alllaugh


On the Topic of SUPER heroes I want to tell you that you are all SUPERHERO's in your own right. You have all been so BRAVE through this pandemic and you all deserve a yes and a cape as well. 


For todays activity ask your adult if you can borrow a scarf, a dish cloth or if you have a cape put that on!

YOU are our SUPERHERO's and we are so proud of all of you! cheeky


As I said previously dance has got so many benefits for your body and mind.

Today my aim is for you to try to follow the moves and HAVE FUN!


You should be able to do this without an adult. angel


(click here)  Kids Superhero Song - Let's Be Superheroes | Action Songs for Kids - Bounce Patrol - Bing video



(click here)    Jesus My Super Hero Dance - Bing video