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Spelling Test

It's spelling test time, so get yourself ready with the equipment that you need and start the video when you are ready, pausing when needed to work at your own pace. You can check your answers at the end and look ahead to next week's spellings too from the attachments. Good luck!

Spellings 29th January


Today our English lesson has a grammar focus. We are going to be learning about direct speech, There have been lots of examples of direct speech in Chapter 1 of Stig in the Dump. Why don't you go back and look at some of the chapter from previous lessons and see if you can find any. Or you can use any reading book you have at home to find examples.


Watch the teaching video, pausing to engage with the questions, and then choose a worksheet (or more than one!) below that suits your confidence level, but also gives a challenge. You can use a pencil or pen to practice your handwriting. 

29th January Recognising Direct Speech