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WALT: Plan and draft a letter from Zeus to one of the other characters

*I can use paragraphs in my writing.

*I can use different sentence openers.

*I can use a variety of punctuation including commas.

*I can use interesting and emotive vocabulary.

*I can use features of a letter.

*I can edit and improve my work.

Today we will be looking the the Story of Medusa. If you are learning from home, perhaps you could re-read and re-tell the story from yesterday as you were looking at a comprehension while the children in school completed a reading assessment. Then watch the video of the story.


We would then like you to plan and draft a letter from Zeus to one of the characters from the Greek Myths that we have been reading - Medusa, Daedalus and Iccarus, Pandora's Box or Theseus and the Minotaur. Zeus, the most powerful Greek God, had a part to play in all of these stories. Can you remember what he did in any of the stories? I wonder what Zeus would like to say to Medusa? I wonder what Zeus would like to say to Pandora? Which character would you like to write to from Zeus? 


Look back to Friday 12th March for the Features of an Informal Letter and some of the emotive language that you have been using, then spend some time today planning your letter - focusing on paragraphs, emotive and interesting vocabulary, features of an informal letter and interesting openers. Don't forget to spend 5-10 minutes editing and improving your plan so that you are prepared for tomorrow's independent writing task. 

Perseus and Medusa | Ancient Greek Mythology Stories