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Pupils of the Term


We have found this decision SO difficult as we really could have chosen all of you this term. We are so proud of each and every one of you for the mature way you have dealt with the remote learning during this lockdown - you have all earned your half term, that's for sure! Nevertheless, we have managed to narrow our choices down to 2 pupils from each class:


Hawking- Firstly, I have picked Eleanor for the Christian value of endurance. Eleanor submits her work daily without fail and, as the weeks have progressed, rather than become less enthusiastic, she has really grown in confidence and improved her overall attitude towards her learning. I am so impressed with your work ethic, Eleanor, even when you find things tricky. I hope you continue to show this as we return to school next term :D


I have also chosen Alex for the values of respect and trust. Alex has been at school every day this term as part of our critical worker bubble and regardless of which member of staff is leading the group, I know that he displays integrity and kindness at all times. It is fantastic to know that I can trust him to represent our class so well and I want to thank him for his maturity and positive attitude. Well done, Alex.

Mr Catchpole


Pankhurst- Firstly, I have picked Stanley F for the Christian values of respect and friendship. Stanley has been a valued member of our key worker bubble throughout lockdown and a joy to have in school. He has set a wonderful example to those around him with his respectful and positive manner and has proven himself to be an excellent friend to everyone. Thank you for always lifting our spirits, Stanley, and for never failing to make us smile! :D


I have also chosen Sophie L for the Christian values of wisdom and endurance. Sophie has maintained a positive attitude towards home learning throughout this term and has completed every task to the best of her ability. She has ensured that she listens carefully to our videos and has worked hard to act upon the feedback that I have given her. I have been so impressed with Sophie's determined attitude and how she has risen to every challenge. Well done, Sophie- you are a superstar! 

Miss Facey

Sport Pupils of the Term


This term, I have selected Ava, Leo, Jude, Grace, Rebekah, Jack W, Evelyn, Jessica, Milly, Stanley F, Eleanor, Summer and Anna. All of you have participated in all of the sports activities set including the challenges for the school. I would like to say a special mention to Eleanor for the game she created, which was very fun and creative. Also, Rebekah and Grace for all of the steps you have completed for the challenge, thank you and well done.

Mr Edwards



Parents of the Term


We would both like to thank all of you parents who have supported your children (and us!) with the remote learning this term. You have all been fantastic and all deserve a well-earned break over half term! Sadly, we can't print out certificates for you all, so please feel free to get your child to make you one - it should take them about an hour to do independently...use the time wisely! :D



Today you are going to become illustrators! As a well done for all of your hard work with your short stories this week, we are giving you a day off from writing! Have a think about which of the videos below would suit your story the most and watch how to become a top illustrator. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil/ black pen and some colouring pencils so that you can draw as you watch. If none of these suggestions fit with your story, have a look at the website link below (underneath the You Tube videos) where there are LOTs of different character illustration videos to choose from.


Happy illustrating!

Haunted House


Scary Tree



Today we will see what you have learnt about measures this week! You will log in to and complete the work set on there. 


We have also set up another Times Table Rock Stars battle. Hawking Class won last week (Mr Catchpole was VERY excited about this!) so our score is now 2-1 to Pankhurst. We would like to get as many people involved with this as possible, so please find 20 minutes or so in your day to log on and support your class.


Have fun!



Topic- DT

Please do not eat any of the salt dough!


If you have any salt dough left over, cover it in cling film and pop it in the fridge to use another time. It lasts for days!



Don't forget to send us photos of your finished hearts.


We hope that you have fun!