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Today, you are going to write an information text about the Greek gods and goddesses (using your planning sheet from yesterday as a guide to help you lay out your text).  We would like you to write about at least 4 (including Zeus), but you can, of course, include as many as you wish.  Your final text should include the following:


  • main heading (underlined - this is the main title of your information text);
  • an introductory sentence or paragraph; 
  • sub headings (underlined - the name of each god or goddess, beginning with Zeus);
  • a sentence or paragraph about each god or goddess beneath the relevant sub heading; 
  • an optional picture or diagram of a selection (or all) of the gods, with labels pointing to things that are typical to them (for example: a picture of Zeus with a thunderbolt); and
  • a closing sentence or paragraph (also known as a conclusion) to round off your information text.


We look forward to receiving your fantastic information texts.