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Wednesday 13th January

Today's flipchart

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song

The -OW Word Family


Still image for this video

Add ones using number bonds

Below in the picture is a nice activity to complete when out for your daily exercise/ walk today 

ICT with Mrs. Lee


Dear Year 1's


Happy to move on to our coding part of our curriculum today. I am sure you will all enjoy this. 


Read the first part of the instructions and then have a go at playing the robot game.


If you are able you can email me how you got on and which part of the game you liked the best. Feel free to find some more coding games and extend your knowledge. 


Have a lovely day year one!


Kind regardslaugh

Mrs. Lee 

PE with Mr E


Happy Wednesday Year 1, I hope you are all staying safe. Following on from last weeks hockey dribbling activity, I have uploaded another dribbling activity to do around the house or outside. If you do need to dribble inside the house then please ask permission from your adult. There is also another activity called the Illinois agility run and it could help you turn quicker in hockey as it tries to improve your agility. Maybe you can race a family member in the agility run.


Have fun and if you have any questions or want to show me how you are getting on then please email me at


Don't forget to check out the Take a Break page for other games, activities and challenges.


Good luck.

Hockey Dribbling

Use what ever you can from around the house as a hockey stick and a ball. I am using one of my golf clubs and a rolled up sock. Please get permission from your adult before you dribble inside the house and use anything from around the house as a hockey stick and a ball.