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Thursday 11th June



To finish our week on fractions, we will end by revising how to divide fractions by whole numbers. This can be quite a tricky concept to explain, so rather than giving you a Guided Learning presentation today, we would like you to watch the two videos on the BBC Bitesize website.


Once you have a clear understanding, come back to this page and complete either Sheet 1 or Sheet 2. Challenge questions can be found on the second page of Sheet 2.


Good luck!



Now that you’ve had a chance to reflect on your time at Bishop Ridley and the wonderful memories that you’ve made, we would like you to choose your favourite one to tell us about in more detail. In our Leavers’ Books, we have some pages set aside for newspaper reports so, over the next two days, we would like you to write a newspaper report about your favourite chosen memory.  We will choose the best two from each class to publish.


Begin by reminding yourselves of the features of newspaper reports by working through this website page. 


Then use the newspaper report template below to write your report. Remember to report the event in chronological order and ensure that you include lots of detail about the event. You could also include quotes from others to help explain why it was such a special, memorable event.


As you will have today and tomorrow to write your newspaper reports, you are welcome to send us your first draft this morning for some feedback or wait and send us your finished newspaper report tomorrow.


Good luck!