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Edit:  if you are finding some of the questions on today's worksheet too tricky, have a look through some of these extra PowerPoints and activities instead.


Hints & tips for at home: (there are some practical and creative ideas on here which may help with understanding the analogue clock)

Today you are going to be looking at converting analogue times to digital.


Parents, I apologise for the number of attachments added today, but I have been trying to cover all bases in terms of any difficulties that may arise!  Please do not feel you have to use all of the extra learning resources such as the videos,-they are just there if needed.



YouTube videos with songs:


Let's learn about the clock: 


Rock and tell the time on the clock:



Remember: we do not expect you to complete all 3 maths sheets a day.  Please complete the one that is of the similar level to that which your teacher would expect of you in class.