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Mon 22 Feb

Good morning Year 4! We hope that you had a lovely half term, that you had lots of fun and you are also well-rested, ready for another week of learning. 


***Curie Class - remember it's Monday, so please e-mail your fantastic work to Mrs Ellis*** and your Science to Miss Constant at


Hudgell class your emails go to Miss Smalley as usual but please send your Science to Mrs. Lee

MATHS: Add fractions

Today, we are learning to add proper fractions (fractions that are less than one whole). It is really easy as long as you remember the rule that you only need to add the numerators because the denominator stays the same! Do click on the link and take a look at the 2 min video below the White Rose video too. 😉


Before half term, we were learning about direct speech and how to punctuate it correctly. Today, we will be looking at direct speech and comparing it to indirect speech. Please watch and engage in the teaching video, before choosing a worksheet to match your confidence level, but also give you a challenge. Good luck!

Monday 22nd February - Direct and Indirect Speech

SCIENCE with Mrs. Lee (Hudgell class,) and Miss Constant (Curie class)


Hi kids! Welcome back to our Spring termwinkIt is lovely to see the daffodils slowly emerging from the ground. Hopefully you will all emerge from your houses and join us back in school soon. You are all missedcrying


We have missed making predictions and doing experiments with you. We really believe you will enjoy this part of our Science topic. 

Please work through the slide shows and then complete the activity to the best of your ability. Then email your work to us please. This is a new concept to you so do take your time and try to understand the information as you work through the slides.  Let's do this Science boffins!