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Tuesday 28th Apil

Good morning lovely families!


What a nice, cosy and wet day we have!!! I hope you enjoy the rain and being safely tucked indoors. Today I am showing you an example of a birdfeeder you can make to help look after nature. On the 22nd of April it  was Earth day. The birds will be elated to have some seeds or bread crumbs to feast onlaugh Simply cut an orange in half. Hollow out the inside.wink Scoop in some bread crumbs or seeds and poke some sticks through the sides. You can add string if you have somewhere to hang this on your balcony or garden. When the rain is gone you can lure the birds to come and visit you. The shops sells monkey nuts and the doves and crows love them! While we had breakfast we had 5 red robins pecking on our feederscheeky 


Keep safe and remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds.yes


Bishop Ridley cares about all of you








Bird feeder