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Wednesday 3rd March

The EY Sound | Phase 5

Phonics worksheet


Please complete the same activity as yesterday but choosing a different role within the NHS to focus on from the PowerPoint.

Maths - Spr1.8.3 - Compare lengths and heights

MUSIC laughwith Mrs. Lee


I am so excited about this terms music! I am sure you will love it too. cheeky


Information for parents: What is the physical benefits for partaking in dance classes?

* Through dance children develop a great range of skills such as working within a different space (spatial awareness) Meaning how I maneuver my body around without bumping into things or people. My position in a specific area

* Dance and movement patterns also develop kinesthetic memory, strength and endurance. 

*It also helps with control, balance and co-ordination.




Follow the link below to have some yes exercise and fun. The song is also a repeat after me song so feel free to repeat the song a few times to learn the words and the movements.laugh


Fred the Moose Song ♫ Brain Breaks for Children ♫ Kids Repeat After Me Songs by The Learning Station - Bing video


PE with Mr E


Hope you had a good week and looking forward to next week. 


I would like you to keep practicing your netball skills and look at the video below for another fun and exciting game.


Have fun.


Mr E

Around the World Circuit

Try this fun basketball game with a twist. Add some sprints or any other form of fitness exercise to keep you fit and healthy whilst trying to improve your basketball shooting. If you need to perform this game inside then please get permission from your adult first.