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Year 5/6 Choir

Hi, I thought you might like to see some of the photos from Young Voices this year. I shall try to add these later.


I also wanted to share with you that you can still have fun with Young Voices at home even if we can't sing at school together and for those of you in Year 5 who want to continue with choir once we are back, some exciting news. I have already registered us for next year's concert for the 25th Anniversary of Young Voices! 

Can't wait to get the music and start practising,

Mrs Horlock


'Just to let you know we have freshened up the homepage of our website, and have added YV at HOME and YV Stories. YV at HOME is where we will bring you lots of fun music and movement sessions all for free, that your children, parents and teachers can access and enjoy from your safe place. 

As many of you will know Young Voices will be celebrating 25 years of singing together in 2021 and we very much look forward to your school joining us for the biggest singing day of your lives. If you have been to a Young Voices concert before you will know what a spectacular day this is and we are sure you will have lots of fond memories. We would love to hear about your experience, please click the YV Stories link on the homepage.'