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Good morning!  Wow!  We have come to our last Friday together!  I would like us to have today to think back, reflect on our year and give thanks.


Thank you!


Today, for English, I would like you to write a thank you card.   This can be to one of your teachers or to your parents or whoever has been helping you with your home learning.  Think back and reflect on what you have enjoyed most this year.


  • What has been your favourite topic? 
  • What have you enjoyed the most?  What are your best memories?
  • What do you feel that you have learnt?
  • Have you overcome any obstacles?
  • What are you grateful for?


You can create this from scratch or use some of the designs below.  You can present your work however you wish.  Enjoy and have fun!  We will miss you xxx


Diana class remember to email Mrs Mason today.