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Good morning, laugh  how are you today? 


Wow, what a great story so far; I'm totally gripped to the story line and even more intrigued to find out what happens next? What will happen to Lila on the perilous journey? Read on to find out. Below is chapter 3 of the story. 


Your task for today is to listen to/read the next chapter of the story. 

I know many of you have been reading the book at home and are aware of what happens in the next chapter but I want you to think about the narrative of the story (again?), where is the narrative set? Is the journey dangerous? What will happen next? 


For those of you who haven't read the book, I want you to think about the future of the story. 

What will happen in the next chapter? What will happen to Lila? What about her new friends, Chulak and Hamlet? Can you describe the setting? The weather? The smells around you? 


HOWEVER, if you have read the story and knows what happens next, I would like you to think about the story again, if you were the author, what would you change about the next chapter and why?


I look forward to seeing your wonderful writing skills. wink

FMD Ch3 Part 1

Below are a set of Year 3 writing skills checklist. Look through the list of success criteria and think about what you should use to improve your writing skills and to support you while changing or creating the next chapter.