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Good morning Year 5!  Well done for all of your work on tenses!  Today in English we are moving on and will be looking at commaslaugh

The activity covers commas for a range of uses including ‘lists, adverbials and clauses’. 


There is quite a lot to cover today.  I have given you some useful videos to hopefully help go through some of the different uses of commas.  You will also need to remember all of the fantastic work you did on parenthesis, as this comes up again today too!


There is a quiz on commas for adverbials and then the PowerPoint which introduces the types of questions for your tasks.  You can then choose one of the sheets to complete based on how confident you feel.  You will notice that there are only two sheets to choose from today – this is because I thought the greater depth questions this week were unnecessarily confusing.  Take your time, don’t rush and re-read your answers carefully!



Armstrong class - Remember to email Mrs Mason today.


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