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Thursday 14th January

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! We have been super impressed with the fantastic law and digestive system posters you have sent in. If you would like one of your posters uploaded to our gallery on the main home learning page please let your teacher know in today's email.  We are also going to look for some excellent examples of writing over the next two days (watch the English videos) and, if we think you have made a fantastic effort and you would like your writing on the website, please let us know in your email to us on Friday. A BIG WELL DONE TO YOU ALL FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND KEEP IT UP: WE'VE GOT THIS!!!

MATHS: Divide 2-digits by 1-digit revision

Today we are going to learn how place value and base ten (visual methods) can help us understand how we use place value to exchange when we divide. We are learning this to prepare us for a better understanding of what happens to digits when we exchange using short division (abstract methods). Remember to watch the video as often as you need to and pause it to help you with each question if you are stuck. If you know your tables, remember that you can use your knowledge of multiplication to help you with division (the inverse operation). Good luck and we look forward to receiving your work.


The journey

Lesson 1 What kind of world did Jesus want?

Please listen to the next two chapters of our book - Demon Dentist by David Walliams (Chapter 11 and 12)